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12:30 AM

Pretty much everybody in the fashion industry is like "AHHH FASHION WEEK! COFFEE!! HEELS!! DESIGNERS!! TENTS!!" and I'm like "SNOW DAY!!!" But really I can't wait to see all these editors and the style elite battle the snow that's coming our way. Boston is expecting up to 24 inches of snow and those in New York can expect 6-12 inches. Good luck with those Loubi's, ladies!

The first week of February comes to an end and I'm getting excited at the good things to come! I'm counting down to the week of the 17th when I'll have three days off in one week and one of my friends will be visiting from Texas!

This week on Style-Wire
NYFW Spotlight: Christina Yi
Pro-Tip Tuesday: Begone Hat Hair!
Snapshot: Shades of Grey
Recap: Tosser Magazine Launch Party at Gem Boston

...And coming up next Week on Style-Wire

Fast Fashion Collaborations: Too Much of a Good Thing?
Ticker Talk: Coach (COH)
What I Wore: Red & Cashmere

Hope everyone up north stays warm and toasty! 

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