Weekly Recap!

1:30 PM

What a great week! I had a blast meeting Georgina from Notes on Lifestyle (such a blast that we went thrifting right after), enjoying the first of this gorgeous Spring weather, and reuniting with my boyfriend after yet another one of his trips to Italy. This week is going to be really busy, but I am really excited about everything to come! 

I want to take a minute to say thanks to everyone who voted for me in the Simon Style Setter contest-- I won! Can't wait to share my experiences with you and to collaborate with Simon Malls!

This week on Style-Wire
Jason Wu at the ICA
Ticker Talk: TJX
Pro-Tip Tuesday: Get That Job!
What I Wore: Goodwill Remix

...And coming up next Week on Style-Wire

What I Wore: Wu'd
Pro-Tip Tuesday: Drugstore Faves
What I Wore: Celebrity Inspired Casual

Thanks again everyone! Style-Wire would be nothing without your support!

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