Pro-Tip Tuesday: Mask It

10:24 AM

Ever since I was a teenager I've been obsessed with masks. I used to buy the Queen Helene Mint Julep clay mask and spend hours in the bathroom playing spa day. Oh, who am I kidding, I totally still do that. Except it's usually "spa morning" and consists of a hair and face mask thrown into my normal routine when I have a free morning. 

Every week (sometimes twice) I slather on Juice Beauty's Green Apple Peel. A little goes a long way, as it's a very thin, gel as opposed to traditional clay or mud masks. It feels tight and isn't so sticky when it's ready to be removed and my skin always looks slightly brighter and feels smoother. I discovered it at Whole Foods earlier this year and am so happy I did! 

Once or twice a month, when my skin is especially dull and my pores are especially clogged I use Origins Clear Improvement charcoal mask. It's a gooey black mask that draws all the gunk out of your pores. If you head to Origins they will give you a free mini facial with this mask! I went in recently and loved the experience. 

On occasion I'll stop at Lush and buy one of their natural face masks. I absolutely love them but they usually expire before I get to use the whole tub. I'm a big fan of Cosmetic Catastrophe and Love Lettuce, pictured above. If you've never tried a Lush mask before you should definitely check them out. I've also heard amazing things about GlamGlow but with its $69 price tag I am skeptical! Anyone out there tried it? Is it worthy of the price? I am certainly tempted to try it.

For me, a hair mask is just as important as face masks. I am lazy about hair cuts so I try to maintain it as best I can with products. I've long been a fan of Bumble & Bumble hair masks and deep conditioners, but lately, I've been really into Living Proof products, especially their Restore mask. It has a unique smell that is slightly spicy but clean and it makes my hair feel so soft! Especially when you use it week after week.

These are just a few of my favorites that I have used over the years. What deep conditioners and face masks do you use? 

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