Weekly Recap!

2:34 PM

Can you believe we're already almost three weeks into the new year? I can, especially since it seems like life has been go-go-go since I returned to Boston. My interview last Friday went well, as did a follow up interview later that week so thank you all for your well wishes! I had a fab time catching up with my girlfriends (including an amazing, fresh lunch at Snappy Sushi) and have really surprised myself with how dedicated I've been to making healthier choices and being active. Now it's time to gear up for a busy weekend at work! 

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The Urban Art Bar
What I Wore: Beachy Blue
Received and Reviewed: Beauty Box 5
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What I Wore
 Received & Reviewed: Luster Premium White

I hope you had a fab week! Here's hoping this coming week is just as productive as last week was! And be sure to follow along with me on Instagram and Twitter; You'll find more food, fashion, fun, and cameos from my chihuahua :)

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