Grown Up Gratitude: Giving Back

11:19 PM

As 2016 comes to a close I find myself reflecting with an immense feeling of gratitude for the good fortune and knowledge I've gained throughout the year. While it became clear during Society of Grownups' Spending Plans course that my budget doesn't always allow for generous monetary donations, it's helped me realize the value of my blog and the importance of using Style Wire to give back. 

Whether it's collaborating with brands like Al Fresco to further their support of The Elie Fund (pictured above), or promoting charitable events like Fashion Gives Back in support of the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, using my reach to support various fundraising initiatives makes my blogging experience more purposeful. I feel really lucky to have a group of people who engage with me, shop with me, and come to me for style or beauty advice and even luckier when I can use my platform to share and support local charitable initiatives. 

Identifying my values was an important part of identifying meaningful ways to contribute to the community without further straining my budget. Don't Panic: You're a Grownup with Society of Grownups focuses on just that; determining what's important to you to achieve your grownup goals, whether that's reserving more time for things and people you love, budgeting for little luxuries, or finding creative ways to give back. Sign up for Don't Panic: You're a Grownup and see what changes you can make to add value to your life, your career, and the world around you. 

This post was sponsored by Society of Grownups, a company which offers online classes and financial advice to help navigate being a grownup and encourage conversations about money, happiness, adventure, and personal values. All opinions expressed and content created is my own. Thanks for supporting those that support!

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