Traveling Texas with GMC

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Finally back in Boston after traveling through three different states and five different cities in a mere seven days. Needless to say I'm exhausted! But it was really great to be home (barbecue, jerky, and tacos, YASSS!) and was a real treat to share my home state and a little about where I'm from with someone special. The folks at GMC were extremely generous and let us borrow a GMC Acadia Denali from their media fleet for our trip.

Holy heck, this car is a bloggers dream! Fully loaded with 4G LTE wifi, Apple CarPlay, and generous cargo space we were able to work on the road, uploading photos and sending emails from virtually anywhere-- even in the Middle-of-Nowhere, Texas. When I took the wheel I felt confident-- at 5'2" I often feel like a minion driving larger SUV's. Not in the Acadia. With fully adjustable motorized seats and steering wheel I was able to adjust to a comfortable height with ideal visibility. Loading and unloading is a breeze; two taps of the key fob or a kick of the foot opens thelift gate, and the collapsible third row seating left us plenty of room for luggage and the $80 worth of beef, jerky, and dried sausage we bought in Hamilton, Texas.

We ventured from Dallas to Fort Worth and eventually down to Austin for the weekend. I'm fairly certain we ate our weight in tacos and barbecue but I absolutely loved every minute of it! Among it's coolest features the Acadia Denali has both front and rear view cameras, illuminated blind spot indicators in the side mirrors, and the seat rumbles under your butt when a car or object comes too close. Isn't technology amazing? We hit some traffic on the way to Austin, but in the Acadia it didn't even matter. The 4G LTE wifi allowed our passengers to enjoy episodes of their favorite shows while we were stuck on the road.

I've never had more comfortable road trip than in the Acadia. With so many luxe features we were truly spoiled. I don't know how I'll travel in car without wifi from now on! If you're considering a new car and love to take road trips this SUV is for you. Learn more about the GMC Acadia Denali here.

General Motors generously allowed me to borrow the GMC Adacia Denali for a period of 7 days for review and promotional purposes. All content andopinions expressed are my own. Thanks for supporting those who support!

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