Epic Recap!

11:05 AM

I didn't have access to my usual computer and programs while I was back home in Texas so I wasn't able to create my weekly recaps. This week I've put together an epic recap to get you up to speed on what you missed over the holidays on Style-Wire.com! 

So what's new this week? Well, I'm back in Boston, back at work and have a pretty exciting weekend ahead of me. I'm looking forward to seeing my friends, spending a relaxing Sunday at home, and I have an interview today! Wish me luck friends! 

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...And coming up next Week on Style-Wire
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Whew! So there it is, lots to catch up on! I hope everyone is finally back into the swing of things, it took me a while but I think I'm finally there! Be sure to follow along with me on Instagram and Twitter, there's more style where this came from!

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